KACL Reading List

The following articles have contributed to or are aligned with shaping the KACL’s vision and the way we approach what we do. KACL staff are encouraged to be life-long learners, to expand their interests, and to gain enjoyment from reading.  Herein are titles that have piqued people’s interest.

Articles by John McKnight

Articles by Peter Block

Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy: Building Capacity for a Learning Community

Emotional Flashback Management in the Treatment of Complex PTSD

The following books and journals have contributed to or are aligned with shaping the KACL’s vision and the way we approach what we do.  KACL staff are encouraged to be life-long learners, to expand their interests, and to gain enjoyment from reading. Herein are titles that have piqued people’s interests.


Armstrong, Karen. Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life   Preview

Bailey, Becky. I Love You Rituals   Preview

Block, Peter. Stewardship: Choosing Self Over Self-interest   Preview

Brown, Juanita and David Isaacs. The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter   Preview

Carroll, Michael. Awake at Work: 35 Practical Buddhist Principles for Discovering Clarity and Balance in the Midst of Work’s Chaos   Preview

Carroll, Michael. The Mindful Leader: Awakening Your Natural Management Skills Through Mindfulness Meditation   Preview

Chodron, Pema. Start Where You Are   Preview

Doidge, Norman. The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science   Preview

Emmons, Henry. The Chemistry of Calm: A Powerful, Drug-Free Plan to Quiet Your Fears and Overcome Your Anxiety   Preview

Emmons, Henry. The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom   Preview

Emmons, Henry. The Chemistry of Joy Workbook: Overcoming Depression Using the Best of Brain Science, Nutrition, and the Psychology of Mindfulness   Preview

Kahane, Adam. Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change   Preview

Kahane, Adam. Solving Tough Problems   Preview

Kahane, Adam. Transformative Scenario Planning: Working Together to Change the Future   Preview

Leifer, Ron. Vinegar into Honey: Seven Steps to Understanding and Transforming Anger, Aggression, and Violence   Preview

Mate, Gabor. Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers   Preview

Mate, Gabor. In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction   Preview

Mate, Gabor. Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder   Preview

Mate, Gabor. When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection   Preview

McKnight, John, and Peter Block. The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods   Preview

Scharmer, Otto. Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges   Preview

Schein, Edgar. Humble Inquiry: The Gentle of Art of Asking Instead of Telling   Preview

Senge, Peter. The Fifth Discipline   Preview

Wheatley, Margaret J.. Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time   Preview

Whitney, Diana et al.. Appreciative Team Building: Positive Questions to Bring out the Best in Your Team   Preview

Yunus, Muhammad. Banker to the Poor   Preview


Community Development Journal

Thought leaders who inspire us 

Al Condeluci – http://www.alcondeluci.com/

Bruce Anderson – https://www.coregift.org/home

Cormac Russell – https://www.nurturedevelopment.org/

David Pitonyak – http://dimagine.com/

John McKnight- https://johnmcknight.org/

Peter Block – https://www.peterblock.com/

Wolf Wolfensberger – https://wolfwolfensberger.com/

Organizations about leading change

Alia Institute – http://www.aliainstitute.org/ 

Tamarack: an Institute of Community Engagement – https://www.tamarackcommunity.ca/ 

Presencing Institute – https://www.u-school.org/about-pi  

Academy for Systemic Change – https://www.academyforchange.org/

Society for Organizational Learning –https://www.solonline.org/?home

Organizations with similar values and philosophies 

My Place (an Australian org)- https://www.myplace.org.au/

Community Resource Limited (an Australian org) – https://cru.org.au/

Abilities Centre  – https://abilitiescentre.org/home 

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Program – https://www.ontario.ca/page/assistance-children-severe-disabilities-program

Children with Special Needs – https://www.ontario.ca/page/children-special-needs

Child Disability Benefit – https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/child-family-benefits/child-disability-benefit.html

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) – https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/disability/savings.html

Incontinence Supplies Grant Program for children 3-18 yrs old – https://services.easterseals.org/incontinence-supplies-grant/

Northern Health Travel Grant – Ministry of Health – https://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/publications/ohip/northern.aspx

Respite Care – https://www.fireflynw.ca/for-families/

Funders, Partners, and organizations we work with

Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services – https://www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-children-community-and-social-services  

Community Living Ontario – https://communitylivingontario.ca/

Inclusion Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Association for Community Living) –https://inclusioncanada.ca/  

Institution Watch – formed in 2002 by People First of Canada (PFC) and the Inclusion Canada (IC) (formerly the Canadian Association for Community Living) – https://www.institutionwatch.ca/  

Accessibility News – http://www.accessibilitynews.ca/  

Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) – https://oasisonline.ca/  

Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities –  https://oadd.org/  

Autism Canada Foundation – https://autismcanada.org/  

Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance – https://www.autismalliance.ca/

Making Kenora Home – http://www.makingkenorahome.ca/index.html

Lake of the Woods Arts Community – https://lowac.ca/

Kenora District Services Board – https://kdsb.on.ca/  

Seven Generations Education Institute – https://www.7generations.org/

Keewatin Patricia District School Board – http://kpdsb.on.ca/  

Kenora Catholic District School Board –  https://www.kcdsb.on.ca/

Canadian Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization –  https://en.ccunesco.ca/

Knet: Keewaytinook Okimakanak  – https://knet.ca/

Land Acknowledgement

The Board and Employees of KACL gratefully acknowledge that we live, work, enjoy the richness of and play on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe people of Treaty 3, and on the homeland of the Metis. We pay our respect to the First Nations and Metis ancestors of this place and reaffirm that the historic and current relationship that exists between us is defined by Treaty.

We commit to work to create the conditions for belonging and social justice so that each person can live fully in the unique identity that matters to them, in a community that accepts and welcomes. We recognize that our work must be in the service of Reconciliation. Our work must be at the level of the individual and the community, so that our collective identity as a community lives up to the values we want for ourselves and our children. A community where equity, peace, and respect for cultural differences are respected and nourished; and a community that acknowledges that the early Anishinaabe people of these lands saw we were strangers, welcomed us as guests, and invited us to stay as neighbours.