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Rhizome: Connect. Learn. Grow                                   

Endazhi-Maawandoojiibikeng        240 Veterans Drive Rm #004 - Kenora, ON - P9N 2L3 - PH: 807-407-7449                   

Rhizome is an adult learning space designed for formal and informal learning opportunities, located in Seven Generations Education Institute.  Rhizome Consultants have a specialized knowledge about diverse experiences, learning styles, and communication methods.  
Implementing established holistic adult learning principles, Rhizome is a new paradigm of education and lifelong learning developed to meet the needs and expectations of young adults.  Learning is directed by individuals to reflect their goals and dreams. Rhizome offers many opportunities including completion of high school or college courses, training and certification programs, studying to obtain a driver's license, resume writing, journaling, exploring strategies for organizing personal agendas, or using technology to create music, art and videos.
In this centrally located and socially valued adult education hub, the college atmosphere invites community involvement, positive mentorship and enhanced cultural connections.  We invite community members to the space to engage in collaborative activities and events.  
A word about our name: 
Rhizome - a root system that grows horizontally to the surface of the earth, sending shoots upward, creating what appear to be separate plants, but are actually all connected.  This symbolizes community interconnectedness and holistic learning experiences.
Endazhi-Maawandoojiibikeng – describes a collection of roots that all come together and are joined together.   




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