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Transitions Program

Throughout life’s journey there are many transitional periods. One of the most significant is found in between youth and adulthood.  During this time we are faced with important questions and decisions – how will I support myself, where will I live, will I live alone, will I start a family, who will I become?  It is a time of opportunity.
For young adults experiencing disability this time is no different.  They too are coming to terms with new found independence and freedom and with the responsibility to care for themselves and to create a life of their own choosing.  For those without close, supportive family relationships, this era of life can become overwhelming. 
It is through pivotal stages like these that the specialized Transitions Program helps people with complex needs to navigate their path.  We support people to have significant experiences where they feel valued unconditionally, build character, gain mastery, and are empowered in their own lives.  It is important they have meaningful encounters with success, belonging and voice, and their own basic goodness. 
The Transitions Program is holistic in its approach, values a person’s story, and provides opportunities to learn and practice cultural traditions.  We focus on identity as a source of strength and a place of healing.  We know that what we say is not as important as how we make them feel.  It requires deep commitment to bear witness, and stay with them through difficult times. 
It is our role to help young adults achieve belonging, mastery, independence and generosity – the building blocks of resiliency.  

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