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Arts Hub  103-325 2nd St. South • Kenora, Ontario • P9N 1G3 • PH: 807-407-5660


Exploring creativity together 

The Arts Hub is a place of creative exploration and expression, where adults of all abilities can develop their artistic interests.  Opened in 2009, the Arts Hub provides Kenora with its first fully accessible gathering space dedicated to the arts.  Participants gather around many shared interests, such as visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, writing and storytelling, culinary arts, and gardening.  The Arts Hub is constantly evolving and developing new initiatives, which we offer according to your interests.  We invite you to join us in creating dynamic community.

When community members gather to create at the Arts Hub, the atmosphere is fun and lively.  Session hosts are welcoming and encouraging and have experience in creative personal expression through their personal arts practices.  In this supportive environment, curiosity replaces critique, and people are encouraged to trust the artistic process, to take risks, and to try something new.

At the Arts Hub, you meet people who are interested in creating and learning, people who want to share their creative talents and their insights.  At sessions, Arts Hub hosts, or guest presenters, lead emerging and established artists to come together to co-create.  Art takes on additional meanings when it is explored with others.

We ensure Arts Hub initiatives are barrier-free and affordable.  To raise funds for supplies, we have items available for purchase at the Arts Hub; donations of any size, to the Endowment Fund, are greatly appreciated.

In 2017 we collaborated with Upriver Media Inc to film a documentary about the history of the Arts Hub, Rhizome and Fitness Friends and the connections being made with community members.  Community Connections: The Journey of Belonging focuses on the shift in perspective that can occur when people of all abilities are given opportunities to learn, grow and explore together. It depicts a short history of institutionalization and deconstructs the false beliefs (social myths) that historically removed individuals from their homes. We emphasize the profound importance and human need for creative self-expression and the right of all people, regardless of their ability, to discover and explore their own unique gifts within community. When people gather around a common interest, differences become less apparent, humanity shines through and we all belong.The full documentary was shown in Kenora and at Community Living Ontario Conference in September 2018 and a movie trailer and  abridged version was created for the Presence to Citizenship Learning Commons in February 2019.  (Please note that the Arts Hub has moved from the location in the documentary and is now located on 2nd Street South in Kenora) 


Reflections and Feedback

"Great Concept. Splendid Energy. Outstanding Heart.

Thanks for all of this in our community"

~Arts Hub Open House, July 2010


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