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Intensive Case Management

Intensive Case Management Services offers flexible, individualized, ongoing support that varies in intensity, which is based on consumer choice, and focuses on an individual's strengths, talents, and abilities.  We encourage people to become involved in activities that develop supportive relationships, which establish valued roles through participation in our community.

The priority population for intensive case management services is people aged 18 and over, who have a serious mental illness.  Participation is voluntary.  Once a person has been accepted into the program, the individual meets with a Community Consultant to jointly develop a support plan that assists persons to realize his or her personal recovery goals.

Support services are flexible, based in the community, and tailored to the expressed needs of the individuals we serve.  Levels of support vary greatly from person to person.  Our services are available 7 days a week.  Daily hours can vary based on individual needs, crisis, or emergent situations.

Intensive Case Management Services offers a wide range of support options to people, in an effort to assist people in any foreseeable way.  We assist people in finding and maintaining affordable housing.  Community Consultants assist people to manage their finances, which includes budgeting and personal banking strategies, in addition to accessing available funding.  We offer assistance in time management skills to support people with making and keeping appointments, being on time for work or for social obligations, and with providing reminders for maintaining a medication schedule, as prescribed by a physician.  We assist people in managing their illnesses, learning about their medications, eating nutritiously, and using public transportation to explore available opportunities within the community.  We assist people in finding and securing competitive and/or meaningful employment, which may include skill-building, resumé development, and interview strategies.  We encourage people to pursue their interests and to engage in recreational activities.  And we strongly advocate on behalf of the people we support.

Funding for Intensive Case Management Services has been provided by the North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

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