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Community Wellness

The Community Wellness Project began in response to some of the barriers facing people who would like to take part in recreational activities.  It provides opportunities for persons with a physical or intellectual disability, seniors in a low income bracket, and adults with mental health issues to become more active, healthy, and involved in their community, through participation in organized recreational activities.  Activities include walking and hiking in small groups, bowling, weight training and cardiovascular exercise at the local recreation centre, gentle water fit classes, yoga, baseball, skating, self-defence classes, in addition to social gatherings, like barbecues and dances.  Barriers have been reduced by covering the cost of activity fees, providing bus passes to assist with transportation, and purchasing necessary clothing, like running shoes or swim suits.  Group leaders manage their networks of support through ongoing communication with team members to encourage participation.

A healthy diet is an important part of an individual's well-being.  However, some major barriers to eating nutritiously include, not being able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables, and inexperience preparing healthy meals.  To further promote healthy lifestyles, the Community Wellness Project introduced the Healthy Living Food Box to address these barriers.  After participating in the Community Wellness Project for one month, participants are eligible to receive a bag of fruits and vegetables each month.  The Community Wellness Project offers cooking classes to assist participants with cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients.  Providing participants with fresh ingredients and with culinary strategies has far exceeded our goal of overcoming barriers; participants take pride in the dishes they prepare, which is evident by their exchanging recipes, sharing meals, and enjoying good company outside of class.

If you are interested in participating in Community Wellness, please fill out an application.  


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