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Arts Hub  103-325 2nd St. South • Kenora, Ontario • P9N 1G3 • PH: 807-407-5660


Visual Arts

The Arts Hub aims to provide opportunities for people to explore visual arts, which includes finding imaginative ways to experiment with two dimensional and three dimensional mediums.  We create a space where inhibitions melt away, where art-making and community-building come naturally.  We are always looking for new ways to liberate the creativity we know exists in all.  Our gatherings are constantly evolving to reflect the interests of participants.

Art Partners 

Predating the Arts Hub, Art Partners has been facilitating creativity since 2006.  Art Partners hosts weekly gatherings over a six to eight week time period.  Participants are able to develop familiarity with each other; our hope is to provide a comfortable space that encourages people to let go of inhibitions so they can be free to create.  Directives are suggested for both individual and collaborative projects to take away the pressure of idea generating, though participants are also encouraged to follow their intuition.  Materials are provided.

Open Studio

Open Studio sessions are scheduled times when participants can come to the Hub to work on whatever project they choose.  Though a consultant is in-house, no art directives are provided; this format gives participants the opportunity to explore materials and subjects on a more personal level.  Participants are given access to available materials, but they are also welcome to bring their own.

Workshops, etc.

From intaglio printmaking to traditional moccasin making, the Arts Hub has been expanding its offerings to include workshops in specialized arts and fine craft media.  Participants are able to relax and enjoy good company, while learning a new skill, with an opportunity to come home with a finished product that is something to be proud of.  There is usually a small fee to attend to cover materials or guest honoraria, but, as usual, we try to keep it minimal.

Reflections and Feedback

"What a lovely space for art events and projects. Thanks to you all."

~Community Partner

"I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and relaxing process."

~Art Partners

"I'm very grateful to have this opportunity to interact and to create with others."

~Art Partners

"I feel really connected to myself and others.  I really feel safe here and am uplifted by the interaction and stimulation."

~Art Partners

"This class is a place of solace.  Good for the soul.  Love coming here."

~Art Partners