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Arts Hub  103-325 2nd St. South • Kenora, Ontario • P9N 1G3 • PH: 807-407-5660



Musical expression has been integrated into every aspect of the Arts Hub since its inception in 2009.  Music is arguably the oldest form of human expression and its benefits permeate many facets of our daily lives.

We have developed community gatherings around different musical disciplines, in an effort to shift people's focus toward participation, relaxation, and appreciation.  The Hub always aims to help support local and professional musicians, which it does by hosting concerts.  Many of these gatherings are free, or they are based on a suggested donation for admission.

The Hub offers a full range of equipment to explore, including dozens of hand drums and percussion instruments, an acoustic guitar, an electric piano, and a variety of song books.

We hope you will accept our open invitation to join in some of the many events we host; we encourage people to feel free to suggest changes or to propose new activities.  These events and gatherings are cross-cultural and non-denominational.  Our aim is that everyone has an enjoyable experience together, celebrating music and friendship, in an open and accessible environment.

Rise to the Rhythm 

The atmosphere at these drum gatherings is unique, one of openness to all members of the community and modes of expression: listening, playing, and dancing.

In the Key of Community

This is a community-based, all-abilities singing group, which means that no musical training or experience is required.  This musical exploration and discovery begins when community members come together to sing in a new way - part singing circle, part improvisational vocal jam.  We sing in many genres and styles, simply for enjoyment, with no performance expectations.  The focus of this gathering is to enjoy the shared experience of singing in a group while getting physical, emotional, and social benefits from participating.


Coffeehouse is a social gathering, where the creative and the curious gather for an opportunity to indulge their interest in music and spoken word.  The studio is transformed into a café for the evening and everyone has an opportunity to be heard.  The open and encouraging atmosphere makes it a great place to perform in front of an audience for the first or the fiftieth time.

Part open mic, part jam session, and part conversation, any given evening can encompass many forms of artistic expression.  Guests are invited to take the stage and share something of their own or they may invite others to play along with them.  Some are engaged as appreciative audience members, lending their ears and their enthusiasm, some relate stories, songs or poems from their seats, and others sketch or make requests.

House Concerts

As the name implies, from time to time we enjoy hosting house concerts in the Hub studio or outside on the garden terrace.  These events bring local musicians together with regional and national artists in an intimate celebration of live music.

Connections are made between audience members and performers - the divide between stage and seating is nearly invisible.  We have hosted acts, such as Dan Frechette, Laurel Thomsen, Andrew Ross, J.D. Edwards, Mike Procyshyn, John Kirby, Justin Hines, Ainslie Everette, Jordan MacDonald, Ash and Bloom, Ryan Van Belleghem, The Human Race, Wax Mannequin, Caroln Mark, and the Crooked Brothers.

Reflections and Feedback

"A beautiful evening of sun and fun and rhythm!!"

~Rise to the Rhythm

"Wow so much fun - the unintentional harmony was amazing."

~In the Key of Community

"It was great!! Very cozy and beautiful ambiance, thanks!!"

~Coffee House

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some of my writing."

~Coffee House

"I had a great time last night! Everyone was so kind and I loved the intimacy of the venue!  Thanks so much to everyone who came last night and to everyone who set up the show!"

~House Concert Artist

"It was a good time and playing for good folks is always good for the heart!"

~House Concert Artist

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