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Dual Diagnosis

Community Mental Health Support Services (CMHSS) provides dual diagnosis services to adults and their families in the community of Kenora and in the Kenora/Rainy River District.  A dual diagnosis refers to the co-existence of an intellectual disability and a mental illness.

Services are provided based on the following principles: Person-centred planning that is the least restrictive and the least intrusive for an individual; access to services as close to home as possible, with coordinated and effective linkages to community partners.

Dual Diagnosis Services include: access to specialists via videoconferencing and in-person consultation; support for families and front line staff; advocacy for individuals and their families to receive needed services; psychological education for individuals, families, caregivers, and service providers; development of strategies to effectively support individuals in the community; and support for accessing resources to improve quality of life.

Funding for dual diagnosis services  has been provided by the North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).