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Broader Public Sector (BPS)

Kenora Association for Community Living receives funding from the Government of Ontario, which means KACL is part of the Broader Public Sector but is not part of the government itself.

As a publicly funded organization, KACL values transparency, accountability, integrity, and ethics in our stewardship of funding for all services we provide. 


Strategic Plan 2018-2023   

Travel, Meal, and Hospitality Policy    

Procurement Policy     

Open Competitive Procurement Policy

Employee Perquisite Policy    

Supply Chain Code of Ethics   

Perquisite Attestation 2022-03-31

Audited Financial Statement 2021-2022

Audited Financial Statement 2020-2021

Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2022 1 of 3

Annual Report 2022 2 of 3

Annual Report 2022 3 of 3

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