Employment Services

What we do

The Employment Services team aims to cultivate the human spirit by creating the context for the people we serve to express their skills and talents in the workplace. 

Employment Services originated in 1991, around the time that the Kenora Association for Community Living closed its sheltered workshop, ARC Industries.  This action was aligned with a broader social justice initiative, known as the Community Living Movement, whose main goal was the repatriation of people back into their home communities, from large residential institutions, further challenging the appropriateness and the basic assumptions that contributed to the creation of sheltered workshops, and other segregated vocational training settings. 

The Employment team believes that health, wholeness, and vitality of any community requires the participation of each member as well as the contribution of their gifts. They consider the core purpose of our work is to see beyond barriers and enter the more expansive field of individuals potential in the work force, and to the reduction of social exclusion and poverty.  

Each team member spends time with individuals to explore their talents and interests, to listen to their dreams, and to discover the type of employment that best reflects them.  People are supported in getting the jobs they want through training and education, through assistance in searching for employment opportunities, and through entrepreneurial partnerships with employers that develop innovative possibilities within existing business environments.  Employment Services assist people to maintain employment through ongoing support to navigate workplace culture and relationships.  People are encouraged to broaden their skills, to continue to learn in the workplace, and to increase the scope of their employment opportunities.  

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The employment team does their work by:

Building relationships with individuals and helping them discover their employment goals through pre-employment skill building

Job developing in the community with potential employers

Creating task analysis for each job to follow when supporting consumers at work

Job coaching consumers at work and help them maintain their employment

Maintaining strong relationships and communication with consumers, families, case managers and employers

Connecting with local employers through Inclusive Employer Recognition, NDEAM and the Kenora Chamber of Commerce awards.

If you are an employer interested in hiring, please call (807) 467-5266.  

If you are a person looking for supports, please contact the DSO, or if you have Passport funding, please call KACL’s Passport Services at (807) 467-5245.

"Our signature gift is helping individuals discover their gifts and talents in order to foster belonging and meaning in employment. We bring it by story sharing and tailoring our supports to the whole person."

The Employment Team

Land Acknowledgement

The Board and Employees of KACL gratefully acknowledge that we live, work, enjoy the richness of and play on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe people of Treaty 3, and on the homeland of the Metis. We pay our respect to the First Nations and Metis ancestors of this place and reaffirm that the historic and current relationship that exists between us is defined by Treaty.

We commit to work to create the conditions for belonging and social justice so that each person can live fully in the unique identity that matters to them, in a community that accepts and welcomes. We recognize that our work must be in the service of Reconciliation. Our work must be at the level of the individual and the community, so that our collective identity as a community lives up to the values we want for ourselves and our children. A community where equity, peace, and respect for cultural differences are respected and nourished; and a community that acknowledges that the early Anishinaabe people of these lands saw we were strangers, welcomed us as guests, and invited us to stay as neighbours.