Corporate Services

How We Help

KACL’s Corporate Services provides the structure, infrastructure, services and support to all KACL programs and employees. In a practical sense, Corporate Services functions as a service organization within a service organization.  

Corporate Services are: Finance, Human Resources, Health, Safety & Quality Assurance, Scheduling, Information Systems, Property & Facilities and Organizational Learning. 

Property & Facilities

Property & Facilities is dedicated to providing safe and well-maintained offices and properties.  Through the lens of Social Role Valorization Theory, our team aims to keep our properties clean, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing with the goal of contributing to the neighbourhoods we share in our community.  Our team continuously strives to achieve KACL strategic objectives while practicing the four fundamentals of Safety, Teamwork, Courtesy and Inclusion in all that we do.  We prioritize the building of relationships with people supported, employees, landlords and community partners.

Property & Facilities works with all KACL teams to help plan and coordinate renovations, repairs, security solutions, office setup and relocations.  We meet with program stakeholders to determine the needs and desires for each project, then collaborate with designers, architects, and contractors to bring each project to completion.  Once a project is in the works, Property & Facilities oversees each project ensuring job sites are safe, work is being done to standards set out in the contract, and that it’s being completed within specified timeframes and budget.

Human Resources

KACL’s Human Resources department enhances the impact of all KACL teams and plays a vital role in becoming Kenora’s employer of choice. By prioritizing thoughtful engagement with what matters to you, our HR team proudly approaches every conversation with authenticity, vulnerability, and sincerity in our drive to create an exceptional employee experience.

Through daily collaboration with our Human Resources Management team, each Human Resources Advisor is a generalist with accountabilities in the main functional areas of HR: Benefits and Claims, Collaborative Performance Management, Recruitment and Retention, Employee Compensation, and Health & Safety. We focus on improving operational efficiency systems to enable the achievement of KACL’s values, vision, and mission while also meeting legislative and regulatory requirements.

 Our team proudly acts as a support and resource for all KACL staff. We encourage our employees to find fulfilment in their lives and careers by exploring and leveraging their gifts in the service of the people we support.


KACL’s Finance team provides support to our organization through the timely and efficient processing of payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.  

We ensure our financial systems are exceptional, enhancing the impact of all teams within KACL while modeling our services in alignment with KACL’s mission, vision and values.  Our team manages funding for the services KACL provides, within the framework of legislative, regulatory and other requirements.

We are fiscally responsible to our many funders, to our board of directors, and to Ontario taxpayers.  We are transparent in our spending and our reports reflect how we use these funds to ethically and efficiently support the most vulnerable populations. 

Health, Safety & Quality Assurance

KACL is continuously evolving, incorporating, and optimizing service excellence and employee experience into all facets of our culture. With the understanding that Health, Safety, & Quality Assurance are vital components of our work and have great impact on service excellence and employee experience, KACL is pleased to rebrand our Health and Safety program with the creation of the Health, Safety, and Quality Assurance (HSQA) Program. 

HSQA will leverage the four key messages of safety, teamwork, courtesy and inclusion in providing supportive structures within all of KACL.  HSQA prioritizes employee experience by developing procedures to create a healthy and safe working environment for employees across the organization, working closely with teams to communicate and to implement changes, and responding to the needs of program and employees when new issues arise.

HSQA will also focus on service excellence by embedding Quality Assurance into the supports provided to all the people we serve. The process for this is to guide programs in providing consistency in supports and ensure appropriate supports are being provided as defined within the Quality Assurance Regulations while enhancing quality of life for all.

Organizational Learning

KACL has been a learning organization for many decades.  Beyond providing in house training, attending workshops and conferences, we have also hosted Realize Conferences, conducted our own action-research projects and partnered with researchers to learn more about building community.

The Organizational Learning team was formed in January of 2020 and continues on the tradition of encouraging and facilitating life-long learning at KACL to further develop our capacity to provide excellent supports and contribute to the communities we serve.

Information Systems

The KACL Information Systems (IS) team provides professional experience and knowledge of technology and business processes to manage the hardware and software solutions that support the day-to-day operations of the organization. The IS team works closely with KACL teams and third-party service providers to ensure that each employee has access to system tools, resources, and training. The IS team ensures that service delivery is in alignment with KACL’s values, vision, and mission, and that KACL’s fundamentals of Safety, Teamwork, Courtesy and Inclusion are embedded into our daily work. 

The IS infrastructure consists of network, computers, mobile devices, software, web-based applications, and file storage. Our team focuses on the people and processes that interact with this infrastructure, and seeks to provide guidance, training, and documentation to system users to enhance their experience and to maximize efficiency. The team is continually monitoring the existing system, providing new and innovative solutions to enhance and keep up with emerging technology and the changing needs in the organization. 

The IS team communicates and collaborates with all KACL teams.  We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, and responsive. We provide technical advice and guidance in a positive and productive manner. Our team is committed to the safety and security of the people we serve and our employees’ personal information. We are focused on the future, growing and adapting with technology in our ever-changing environment.


The Scheduling team creates and provides schedules for all KACL employees.   Centralized scheduling allows our team to offer services in a consistent and thoughtful manner which enhances the employee experience and program service delivery.

We ensure schedules are structured, organized and communicated in an efficient manner, following applicable legislation and regulations. Schedulers also manage schedules on a daily basis, fielding staff requests for time off in a kind, responsive manner.  The scheduling team is available to assist employees 7 days a week. Our team continuously strives to achieve KACL’s strategic objectives and practice the fundamentals of Safety, Teamwork, Courtesy and Inclusion.

Transformational Goal for Scheduling 

“All staff who are scheduled feel that their gifts are seen, valued, and needed to create and deliver a schedule that helps consumers have a meaningful day and live a meaningful life.”

Corporate Services Signature Gift

“Our signature gift is enhancing the impact of KACL teams.  We do this by staying connected with people to understand their goals and aspirations, and by using our knowledge and expertise to build exceptional systems they can rely on.”

Land Acknowledgement

The Board and Employees of KACL gratefully acknowledge that we live, work, enjoy the richness of and play on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe people of Treaty 3, and on the homeland of the Metis. We pay our respect to the First Nations and Metis ancestors of this place and reaffirm that the historic and current relationship that exists between us is defined by Treaty.

We commit to work to create the conditions for belonging and social justice so that each person can live fully in the unique identity that matters to them, in a community that accepts and welcomes. We recognize that our work must be in the service of Reconciliation. Our work must be at the level of the individual and the community, so that our collective identity as a community lives up to the values we want for ourselves and our children. A community where equity, peace, and respect for cultural differences are respected and nourished; and a community that acknowledges that the early Anishinaabe people of these lands saw we were strangers, welcomed us as guests, and invited us to stay as neighbours.